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The Middle White Pig

Middle White Pigs At Feeding Time

Little Oak Farm is home to the "Rosedotphilbry" herd of Rare Breed Pedigree Middle White Pigs. The Middle White dates back to 1852 when it was first recognised as a traditional breed of pig. The story goes that a gentleman by the name of Joseph Tulley a well known pig breeder at the time. Crossed a Small White pig with a Large White pig. He then went to show the crossed pig at the Keighley Show in 1842 only to be told his pig was too big to be as Small White and too small to be a Large White. The committee had a meeting and decided to create a new pig which was know as the Middle White. Both the Large White & the Middle White breed are still around to this day, but sadly the Small White was declared extinct in 1912.

The Middle White is classed as the only Specialist Pork Pig producing excellent pork as apposesd to pigs bred for meat & bacon. Now declared as an endangered species by the RBST there are less than 200 breeding sows in the UK.